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Hair Care

Anti lice lotion


10.50 лв.

Shampoo bar

Who said that shampoo has to be liquid?If you haven’t used solid shampoo bars before, the idea might sounds a bit odd to you, but they are fabulous! The great, rich and very fluffy foam makes hair soft, shiny, clean and above all strong.We prepare them by hand, in small batches. Their recipes have b..

7.95 лв.

Hemp oil


20.00 лв.


Our shampoos are made by classical technology. Making them takes about 48 hours and the thermal treatment lasts for over 16 hours. They contains only vegetable oils and pure essential oils. We do not add preservatives and colorants, so they all are with the typical for natural liquid soaps honey-lik..

10.95 лв.



PROPOLIS SHAMPOO, 200mlEnriching, Strengthening, Revitalizing, Healing Hair and Scalp TherapyBEER HOPS SHAMPOOShining, Strengthening & Vitalizing hair.NETTLESHAMPOO, 200mlHerbal care for Healthy, Moisturized, Flexible & ShinyHair without Dandruff...

3.50 лв.

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